Products Liability

Our firm represents and advises clients who are or may become involved in products liability cases in the entire state of Mississippi and the southeast.  Our ability to defend companies, large and small, is enhanced by our overall experience in complex corporate litigation.  We are experienced in representing defendants targeted in mass torts and class action suits that allege a defective product caused injury, as well as peripheral defendants. We provide sound advice in all phases of products liability cases, including negotiations for settlement, trial, and appeal. We have defended a range of clients in such actions, from small companies to large international corporations, involving a variety of products, including:
  • Asbestos
  • Silica
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Home and commercial appliances
  • Automobiles
  • Guns
  • Construction materials
  • Manufacturing machinery
Mississippi has a reputation for being a difficult state for defendants in products liability claims.  This makes it all the more necessary to retain experienced counsel to help navigate the legal system in both the state and federal courts.  Our experience is your advantage.  Our knowledge of Mississippi can be extremely useful to national and international corporations who need legal defense counsel in our state. Our extensive and diverse litigation and trial experience in difficult, complex and highly sensitive matters on behalf of a wide variety of clients, means that you can expect the very best in defense work from our products liability attorneys. In summary, we can provide comprehensive, responsive, and fully proficient representation of clients in products liability cases.
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