About the Firm

Wells Marble & Hurst, PLLC has a unique culture that is built upon providing the highest level of service to our clients and a longstanding commitment to helping them achieve their goals.  Our clients’ experience with us is underpinned by a tradition of stability, integrity, and confidentiality. Founded in 1871, our firm’s early successes paved the way for us to evolve into a firm with a national scope. Our ability to provide a full range of legal services for over a century has led to long-standing relationships with our clients. Our lawyers bring an incomparable level of experience and knowledge to their work, and our litigators continue to be successful at all court levels including federal, state, trial and appellate. Fundamental success as a law firm has provided us with an outstanding reputation for hard work, personal service, and professionalism.

One of our paramount goals is to provide premium legal services while maintaining a reasonable cost to businesses and individuals. We practice law in a manner guided by pragmatism and skillful judgment approaching every task thoroughly. We are proud of our reputation for providing progressive, high-quality legal services in innovative and cost-effective ways, and we have the experience, resources, and staff to offer each client exceptional, efficient service through the most direct and economical route available. Evidence of our commitment to quality and efficiency is the firm’s commitment to maintain the latest in legal research technology.

Our firm seeks long-term partnering by providing our clients with the best total solution to their legal service needs. Because we believe that the practice of law begins and ends with the relationship between attorney and client, all of our clients are treated with the utmost respect for their individual goals and objectives, and we work closely with them to achieve results. We respond timely, and we inform our clients of case updates and developing law. Critical to our success as lawyers is our central goal to tender superior service. A long tradition of personal attention to legal issues provides us with the perspective needed to guide our clients through an increasingly complex legal environment and to effectively address clients’ needs in virtually any business, corporate or personal setting.