Wells Marble Successfully Defends Insurance Agency In Alleged Breach Of Contract Case In Front Of Mississippi Court Of Appeals

Richard G. Norris, II, and Philip A. Gunn recently defended a field marketing agency that sells various insurance products in a suit filed by a independent contractor formerly associated with the company. The Lauderdale County Circuit Court granting the agency’s motion for summary judgment which was appealed to, and affirmed by, the Mississippi Court of Appeals. The trial judge found that the appellant failed to provide any evidence in support of his claims that the company had breached its contract or that it otherwise had any obligation to the appellant. Appellant appealed the summary judgment order as to his claim for breach of the duty of good faith and fair dealing. The Court of Appeals agreed with the company that, since the appellant no longer had a contract with the company when the alleged breach occurred, no duty of good faith and fair dealing existed. The Court of Appeals further agreed that, even if a duty did exist, it was clear the company did not breach the duty of good faith and fair dealing. For more information, see Daniels v. Parker and Associates, Inc.


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