This year has been an excellent year for Wells Marble in so many ways.  We continue to be blessed with amazing clients, a fantastic staff, and a wonderful work environment.  However, we never want to forget to assist people in need or to support organizations that improve our region.  This year, rather than focusing on one charity or on one group, we have chosen to donate to multiple organizations in order to serve more people.

These organizations include the following:

  • The Delta Streets Academy (an organization in the Delta area that equips young men by providing disciplined education);
  • MadCAAP (a Madison organization that partners with schools, churches, civic organizations, businesses, and more to meet the varying needs of people who are hungry and thirst, in need of clothing and safer homes, as well as those who are lonely and in need of emotional support);
  • Revitalize Mississippi (an organization that addresses abandoned and vacant property in the Jackson area);
  • The Veterans Memory Park in Ridgeland (a place of beauty that will be built adjacent to City Hall to honor veterans).


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