Roxanne Case to Speak for Medical-Legal Seminar

The University of MS School of Law is sponsoring a Medical-Legal Seminar approved for 6 hours of CLE credit on Friday, June 15th, at the Embassy Suites in Ridgeland (855 516-1093). Twelve doctors, among other subject matter experts, are on the program.

You may register by clicking on this link: https://law.olemiss.edu/cle-seminar/workers-compensation-2018/

There will be four ninety-minute panels:
1. 8:30 to 10:00: What Doctors Wish Lawyers Knew and What Lawyers Wish Doctors Knew – A panel of physicians and lawyers discuss their unique perspectives on the workers’ compensation system, and how best to work together to help the parties, help each other do a better job, get out of each other’s way, ect…. Moderated by Steve Funderburg, Esq. with panelists Dr. Bradley Kellum, Dr. Eric Amundson, Dr. Jason Craft, Dr. Phillip Blount, Dave Peterson, Esq., and Gary Jones, Esq.

2. 10:15 to 11:45: Transitioning Away from Opiates as a First-Line Response to Pain — What Does That Look Like and How Will the Opioid-Prescribing Guidelines Facilitate the Transition? How do physicians use the Prescribing Guidelines to curb the use of opiates initially and chronically? Do physicians like them? Think they work? What are the alternatives: integrative medicine techniques such as dry needling and cold therapy systems? Would treatment guidelines for opiates be a good adjunct? How do we deal with addiction? How long should it/may it take to recover from addiction? What is hyperalgesia? Is it prevalent? How do you diagnose and treat it? Moderated by Daniel Culpepper, Esq. with panelists Dr. Jeff Summers; Dr. Geralyn Datz; Dr. Angela Koestler; Doug Roll, PT,OCS, FAAOMPT; and Wells Marble member, Roxanne Case, Esq.

3. 1:00 to 2:30: Addressing Psychosocial Barriers to Recovery — Bringing Muhammad to the Mountain. Treating the whole person is critical to recovery, but how and when should physicians address psychosocial barriers? What are the risk factors for developing these barriers and how do you identify them in the examining room? Can neutral NCMs help and, if so, when and how are they brought into the claim? When and how should physicians make the delicate referral to a pain psychologist/functional restoration program? Moderated by Willie Abston, Esq. with panelists Dr. Rahul Vohra; Dr. Angela Koestler; Dr. Stanton Ward; Dr. Geralyn Datz; Nurse Case Manager Barbara Oltremari; and Dennis Voge, Esq.

4. 2:45 to 4:15: What We Have Is a Failure to Communicate: Common Bottlenecks in W.C. Claims and How to Avoid Them. Identifying and finding solutions to (1) the most common UR issues that snag treatment and delay recovery, (2) authorization hurdles faced by providers and payers, (3) recurring questions about certain kinds of treatment, and (4) log jams that arise when the injury involves multiple body parts rather than one body part. Would changing the Medical Fee Schedule or adopting treatment guidelines expedite treatment? Moderated by Alison Ketner Goodman, Esq. with panelists Dr. Robert McGuire; Dr. James Moss; Connie Mills, MWCC Medical Cost Containment Director; Nancy Germany, WC Coordinator, MS Sports Medicine; and Becky Hillhouse, Director of Claims, MS Public Entity W.C. Services and Alex Brinkley, Esq.

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