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Drawing on our extensive experience in all aspects of estate planning, probate, elder law, and tax, we work with clients and their financial advisors to protect assets and strategically transfer wealth to beneficiaries while minimizing the federal and state transfer and income tax consequences. We prepare the wills, trusts, powers-of-attorney and other instruments needed to affect these strategies, as well as administering and settling estates, preparing estate tax returns, and planning business successions. We have also successfully represented clients in their disputes with the Internal Revenue Service and the Mississippi Department of Revenue.
Carefully considering each client's family situation, assets and the tax opportunities available to them, we tailor plans to help each individual reach his or her personal goals, giving clients and their families the peace of mind they need and deserve.
Understanding Estate Planning in Mississippi

The purpose of this pamphlet is to try to help the lay person sort out the issues, cut through the hype and understand the estate planning process so that it is not so intimidating. To receive a complimentary copy of Understanding Estate Planning in Mississippi, click here.
Estate Planning Workbook

We have prepared an Estate Planning Workbook to assist you in formulating your estate plan. In that regard, it serves as a checklist to make sure you have considered all of factors that must be explored in order to make a thorough, comprehensive estate plan. It also contains information you and your loved ones can use during what is, under the best of circumstances, a difficult time. This Workbook catalogs your important information about the existence and location of important documents, assets and liabilities, the identity and contact information of your advisors, and other information about yourself and your estate. It also serves to communicate your personal desires and wishes concerning, among other things, your funeral service, the disposition of your earthly remains, and your wishes for your family.  THIS DOCUMENT IS NOT A LEGALLY BINDING DOCUMENT AND IS NOT INTENDED TO REPLACE YOUR WILL OR OTHER ESTATE PLANNING DOCUMENTS; HOWEVER, IT CAN PROVIDE INSIGHT AND ASSISTANCE TO YOUR PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVES AND FAMILY MEMBERS IN MAKING ANY DISCRETIONARY DECISIONS FOR YOU, YOUR ESTATE AND YOUR FAMILY.

To receive a complimentary copy of this Estate Planning Workbook, click here.
Client Satisfaction Survey

To our existing clients, we wish to thank you for the confidence you have shown in us by allowing us to assist you in your estate planning. To better assist you in the future, we have placed a client satisfaction questionnaire on this site. You may download and complete it, and return it in confidence to our office manager. We do not need your name –only your feedback. To access the client satisfaction survey, click here.


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